When Is the Best Time to Move to PebbleCreek?

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Senior couple in loveWith a large share of the population approaching retirement, many face question about whether to retire early, when to purchase a retirement home, and when, ultimately, to make the big move. Retirement is a great time to spend more time with family and develop interests that may have been hampered by a full schedule. With some forethought, you’ll be relaxing in your retirement before you know it. These are some of the top concerns to consider before deciding to move to PebbleCreek retirement living.

Purchasing or Finding a Home Early

One strategy is to buy a condo or home in a retirement community in PebbleCreek before the date you’ll actually retire. Many people purchase vacation homes with the intention of moving into them full-time after they finish working. The positive to this approach is that you will be able to get to know the area and integrate into the community before retirement comes. You might also try out a few different areas and specific homes before you finally decide on the place you want to retire permanently. You might also want to do remodeling to fit your specific wants and needs before it becomes pressing. If you purchase a second place early enough, selling and finding a new one if you change your mind is a real possibility.

The cons of this approach is the costs associated with owning two homes, including any repairs that might crop up down the road. However, if you have children or relatives that want to rent your second home in the years just before you retire, this option could be a win-win.

Earlier or Later Move?

Loving senior couple on sofaBesides the question of whether you should purchase your retirement property while you still own your family home, there’s also the question of whether you should retire at an earlier age. Many people choose this decision if they have a robust investment portfolio and savings accounts, and want to travel before they ultimately settle down into retirement.

However, sometimes early retirements means more fees and taxes or less social security. More people choose to delay retirement so they can maximize their contributions to their IRAs and 401Ks. When your finances are stable and you want to start relaxing, this is the best time to make the move into retirement.

Making the Big Move

Ultimately, the specific time and situation in which you decide to make your move to a PebbleCreek retirement community depends on many factors that will be unique person to person or couple to couple. It pays to be ready early and to think strategically about what situation will give you the happiest, healthiest, and most productive retirement years.


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