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PebbleCreek Homes Goodyear, AZ1Life’s a journey and you’re the navigator, until retirement beckons. It’s time to let go of the many roles and responsibilities you’ve carried all these years. When you buy one of the many trendy homes for sale in Pebble creek, Arizona, your life will become one chosen adventure after another.

Life’s sweet when you choose to live the best years of your life in a retirement resort community. Built-in amenities allow you to be as social and active as you desire, while the stunning homes invite you back to a space that’s all yours. 

Floor Plans are available in a large number of standardized options, as well as offering many customizable features. They’re primarily one-story, with the notable exception of one model series.

Luxury Homes

  • Casita Series

These stunning homes range from 1,110-1,632 square feet. Choose from four pre-designed layouts offering master suites, full baths, dens, and more.

Premier Series

This series of homes is designed for people who truly want to live in style during their best years. With models boasting nearly 2,500-square feet of livable space, you’ll be able to host all the kids and grandkids when you feel like company, and relax into luxury when it’s just the two of you.

Luxury Options

PebbleCreek Home 3 car garage2Often, you’re ready to downsize as you move into retirement years. The simplicity of less, paired with your age-based wisdom makes a luxury suite from Pebble Creek, Arizona homes for sale a perfect choice for you. This is especially true if you’re unwilling to compromise on the style you’ve become accustomed to.

  • Bedrooms

Choose your layout with a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and master suite design options available. Most models also come with the option to turn a den or living room into a third bedroom. They’re are even models with guest rooms and guest suites if you love hosting visitors.

  • Master Suites

You’ve waited a long time to grow old with your love. Choose a home with a master suite and make it your special space. Personalize it with touches from all the places you’ve lived.

  • Garages

If you choose to live in luxury, your car should be well protected from the elements too. Many of the homes for sale in Pebble Creek, Arizona, boast three-car garages. That’s enough space for both your cars and one for the occasional guest.

If high-end luxury isn’t your style, the Pebble Creek retirement community offers a large number of more basic homes. There’s really no limit to the creativity trends available as you design the space you choose to live your resort-retirement lifestyle.

If you’re ready to start looking at retirement home communities, read about the many different styles of Pebble Creek homes for sale.

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