Tips to Ensure Maximum Profit When Selling Your Home

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Before you start looking at Pebble Creek homes for sale, you’ll want to sell your current home first. Selling your home and moving to a retirement community in Pebble Creek, AZ, can change your life in more ways than you can count.

The good news is you don’t have to be a real estate tycoon to make this dream a reality. You don’t even have to have sold a home before. While you’ll always want to consult with a qualified real estate agent for additional guidance, any home seller can incorporate the following simple tips and tricks to help sell their home faster and for top dollar.

Stage Your Home

Over 80% of real estate agents indicate that homes that are staged in preparation for being listed for sale will sell faster. It’s easier for prospective buyers to visualize what the home could look like if it’s staged. The average cost to stage a home is pretty low at about $675, so it won’t cost you too much to do it and it would most certainly be worth the small investment.

Know What Your Ideal Buyer Looks Like

Although it’s nice to think that just any person could come through your home at any moment and make an offer, you should start thinking about what your ideal buyer looks like. This will help you and your agent market your home to a specific demographic to get it sold faster and for more money. Identify whether you’re looking for a buyer who wants a move-in ready home or a handyman who’s ready to do some repairs. Determining what your perfect buyer looks like will help you figure out how to sell your home and to whom.

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Boost the Curb Appeal

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter much that you’ve completely remodeled the entirety of the interior of your home if the outside looks dumpy. The key to getting people into your home to see the amazing updates you’ve made and all of its awesome interior features is to make sure the outside looks appealing to prospective buyers.

It’s been your home sweet home for years. You’ve made memories there and when you think of selling it, perhaps you get a little wistful. With all this in mind, when it comes to sell, your home that’s meant so much to you deserves to be sold for as much as possible. It’s meant so much to you over the years and while passing the torch onto another homeowner can be hard, getting the maximum profit from your home doesn’t have to be.

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