Tips for Adjusting to Retirement

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What’s Your Plan for Retirement?Retirement is something that we often look forward during our many years in the workforce. Dreaming of travel and leisure time to do whatever we might want to do; is now becoming a reality.   But leaving the workforce, especially if you enjoyed your career, may be stressful.  Here are some ideas for how you might enjoy spending your time inactive adult retirement.

Make sure you have a good Financial Advisor

Proper financial planning is essential for peace of mind and enjoyment of your life in retirement.  You want to be sure money is available not only for your basic living costs like taxes, insurance and medical care; but to enjoy activities you will now have the time to enjoy.


Now that you have time, visiting friends, taking a cruise or road trip might be fun to put into your budget.  There are almost endless possibilities for things to do, places to go and things to see.  In PebbleCreek Active Adult Community we have Clubs and groups that organize Cruises, Bus Trips and Land Excursions as well as local trips to the Theater and other points of interest.  Taking time to make your Bucket List and beginning to check things off it is a great way to spend your time and money in retirement.

Make Time for Physical Activity

Now that you have time, make a plan to participate in activities you enjoy and make a list of activities you want to try.  At PebbleCreek, you can golf, swim, play tennis, pickle ball, hike, workout at the fitness center, attend a yoga or Zumba class just to name a few of the activities.  Staying physically active helps your body in countless ways and it’s a perfect addition to your day.Happy senior people

Try something New

Retirement is the perfect time to try something new!  In PebbleCreek, many retirees try a sport or other activity like quilt making, woodworking, glass jewelry making, or the performing arts for the first time.  It is amazing to find that you have undiscovered or undeveloped talents and never knew it because you didn’t have the time to explore opportunities.


Feeling productive after leaving the workplace can be a challenge for some retirees.  Numerous charities benefit from the volunteer time and services of PebbleCreek residents.  Organized groups assist in local schools, domestic violence shelters, homeless youth support and mentoring as well as staffing our own Kare Bear Organization.

Life as a retiree in PebbleCreek Active Adult Community is full of rewarding ways to spend your time.  You’ll wonder how you ever had time to work.


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