Must-Know Tips for Choosing the Best Retirement Living

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You woke up this morning and discovered that you are old. Yesterday, you were busy working and caring for your home and today, you are done. Well, maybe the realization didn’t happen exactly that quickly, but sometimes it can feel that way. Retiring and aging happen to everyone, so it stands to reason that planning for these inevitabilities is a good idea. The trend toward aging in place has led to a boom in retirement communities of all kinds around the country. How do you know if a retirement community is right for you and how do you know which one to choose?

When Is the Right Time?

On a personal level, you are ready to make a move to Pebble Creek retirement living when you find that you are tired of maintaining your home and yard. When the home you love and have lived in for years becomes a tiresome burden, you can be certain you are ready for a change. In more general, practical terms, the right time to move to a retirement community is before you have to. Moving is never easy, but it’s a far sight easier to move when your health is good than it is to move after your health has begun to decline.

How Do You Choose the Right Community?

At first glance, it might seem impossible to distinguish the many retirement community options from one another and choose the best one, but you will find that each community has its own personality and offers its residents distinct advantages. By following these tips, you can determine if a community is right for you:

  • The house is easy. You’ve lived in enough places by now that you know what you like and don’t like in size and floor plan. For a house to allow aging in place, it should have a single level with no stairs, inside or out. It needs to have wide hallways and doors and at least one walk-in shower. Lifestyle will determine what else you need. If you still work, you may need an office. If you entertain, you need space to party. If your children live out of town, you need a guest room or two. Most retirement communities offer homes in a range of sizes and styles to accommodate a variety of lifestyles.

  • The location is critical. What is important in a location? Climate, for one. Make certain you can handle the climate, especially if you are moving to a new state. Another consideration is the community’s proximity to major travel. If travel is part of your plans, choose a community close to a major airport. Access to health care also needs to be part of the decision. Some communities have on-site medical facilities, which can be a great asset. If on-site care is not available, your community needs to be located close to good doctors and hospitals.
  • Character is the final piece. Each community will have a distinctive character that you need to tap into before choosing. To help you determine the character of a community, ask about the average age of the residents. Check out the activities that are available in the community to see if they cater to all ages and abilities, or if they lean toward one or another age group. Read the rules of the community carefully to see if grandchildren are welcome at all times or if you can park your motor home outside your house. Do everything you can to get a genuine feel for the neighborhood.

Choosing a retirement community is not so hard if you do the work when you are healthy. You can also enlist the services of a realtor who specializes in adult active communities to help you narrow your search.

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