Making a Smooth Transition to Retirement Communities

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Handsome Middle Age Man  Enjoying OutdoorsMoving is always a stressful experience. Even if you are looking forward to a new place and home, you may find it difficult to go to a retirement community. At Mary Couzens Realty LLC in PebbleCreek, Arizona, we have seen many people find a retirement community that works for them and helps them make the transition into a happier, healthier living situation.

Consider the Future

A lot of people look at retirement communities as the last stop. However, you will want to consider what your future will look like. You may need additional in-home care or services related to your health. Is that something that the community supports?

Move Now

Moving while you are still able to choose to move is much easier than being forced to move through poor health or tragedy. When you choose to move to a retirement community, you will be able to enjoy it more.

Don’t Sell Your Home

When you sell your home, the money you get from the sale will be used in assessing your eligibility for Medicaid. Keep the house, and your investment is protected while allowing you to still get Medicaid.

Integrate and Acclimatize

Once you have decided on your new community, don’t wait until move-in day to enjoy the amenities. Go to meals and other offered activities and start making friends. By allowing people to get to know you before you officially join the community, you will be able to have people who you know at your housewarming! Make sure you help your pets integrate as well.

At a great PebbleCreek retirement community, you will find neighbors that share your interests. Your home may be smaller than what you are used to. This gives you the opportunity to create a new way to live a simpler life. Retirement should be about having fun and enjoying your friends. Joining a retirement community can help you do those 2 things while allowing you the independence that you need to live a fuller life.

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