How to Survive Arizona’s Hot Summers

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Summer heat.The heat in Arizona can feel unbearable at times. Fortunately, it has never broken more than 122 degrees, and that was in 1990. The heat also tends to be a dry heat, which is important for those who worry about the humidity. However, the knowledge of those 2 things doesn’t really help you survive the heat. At Mary Couzens Team in Goodyear, AZ, we know how hot it can feel, and we know that people who are looking into moving to Arizona may wonder how’ll they’ll survive. Here are some tips.

Drink Water

The sports drink industry may want you to believe that they will help you beat the heat better. They won’t. If you want to truly survive the heat, you need to drink water before you’re thirsty. When it’s hot out, thirst is the first sign of trouble. It can be followed by cramps, headaches, or nausea. Staying hydrated and cool can help prevent heat exhaustion and heat cramps.

Wear Light Clothes

Lightweight clothing in neutral colors will help you keep your cool. White, yellow, and other summer colors repel the light and keep you from overheating due to heat absorption. Thinner clothing fabrics provide less insulation and allow your body’s heat and sweat, its cooling system, to escape more readily.

Plan Activities for Early Morning

If you need to be active, the best time to do things is around 4 a.m. That’s when it’s the coolest in Phoenix and other areas of Arizona. Of course, some people believe that nothing good ever happens at 4 a.m., and that early in the morning is really impractical. However, because it takes time for the heat to gather, early morning physical activities are better than evening activities.

Stay Out of the Car

Funny portrait of smiling woman playing with dog and training golden retriever puppy in blue swimming pool. Popular dog breeds, outdoor activity and fun games with family pet on summer beach holiday.Unless you want to bake something, stay out of your vehicle. The interior of a car can reach temperatures higher than 150 degrees. That’s hot enough to make a metal belt buckle too hot to handle and leather seats extremely uncomfortable. If you have to drive, be sure that you never leave animals or children in the car for any length of time. Parking in a garage or under cover is also a good idea.

The Right Home

Depending on your needs and abilities, finding the right homes for sale in Pebble Creek, Arizona, may include looking for one with an amazing air conditioner and a pool. While being outside during the heat of the day is inadvisable, living at home with the AC on and having the opportunity to take a quick dip in the pool can make all the difference during a blistering Arizona summer.

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