How to Choose an Active Adult Community

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1618916_Mary Couzens Realty LLC_How to Choose an Active Adult Community (1)1618916_Mary Couzens Realty LLC_How to Choose an Active Adult CommunityActive adult communities are the perfect option for those seniors who are looking to be around others in the same stage of life. These communities are designed to provide an active physical and social experience. New hobbies, day trips, and evening activities are normal occurrences in active adult communities, allowing members to pick and choose what interests them. While this may sound like the perfect place to retire, it’s important that you find the right community.

Before you even begin looking at different active adult communities, decide on a general location. If you have friends and family members in a specific area, chances are you’ll want to remain close to them. Some people prefer to be near urban centers, while others may prefer something more rural. No matter what you’re looking for, deciding on a location will help narrow down your search.

Once you’ve decided on an area, it’s time to decide whether or not an age-restricted community is important to you. Many active adult communities require that you and your spouse both be over the age of 55. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, look for an age-targeted community instead of an age-restricted community. Age-targeted communities are open to all ages, but most residents are seniors. Children and teenagers have the option to share in the amenities provided by these non-restrictive communities.

Your budget will also play a big factor when choosing a community. There are active adult communities available at a number of different price points. When choosing the place for you, don’t just consider the cost of your home. Community fees and amenity fees will vary from location to location. Keep this in mind when determining which community fits within your budget.

After making a general list of your wants, needs, and budget, start visiting various communities. Walk around the neighborhood, tour the clubhouse, and take a look at the other amenities available. If possible, take your tours on Saturdays. The weekends tend to have a different feel in active adult communities. People are out and about, participating in different activities. You may even have the chance to talk to some of the residents about their experience in a particular community.

No matter which community you decide on, don’t make the decision alone. A licensed real estate agent can help to make the process easier. Mary Couzens and her experienced team of realtors are retirement specialists. Located in Goodyear, AZ, they understand exactly which retirement communities are desirable in the area. Whether you love to play tennis or you’re looking for an amazing pool, allow these experts to find the perfect fit for you. With their help, you’ll spend the golden years exactly the way you’ve always dreamt.

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