How to Choose a Realtor

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Finding a good Realtor is similar to finding any other professional in a particular field: it takes patience, research, and sometimes a little trial and error. The problem with the real estate market, however, is that you often do not have the time to switch Realtors, and in most instances, your contract with them prohibits it. So, how can you find a great Realtor the first time? Mary Couzens Realty is here to help you out, as we outline some tips for choosing a Realtor. Before you begin your search for a Realtor in Pebblecreek, check out the following tips for how to choose a Realtor.

Why Choose a Realtor?

Many people are skeptical about choosing a Realtor to help with real estate buying or selling, but the truth of the matter is that a Realtor will protect your investment, save you money, and negotiate a better deal. There are many reasons why you should choose a real estate expert whenever you are buying or selling, and the key is to find a great Realtor you trust and respect.

Tips for Choosing a Listing Agent

It is essential that you find a listing agent when you are selling your home. A listing agent will help get traffic to your place and get your home sold quickly. Here are a few tips for choosing a listing agent:

  • How adaptable to change is the agent? Today’s successful Realtor is well connected to the Internet. Access to the MLS site is expected and very helpful, but you want your Realtor to know innovative ways to get your home noticed and look attractive on the Internet. The more interested buyers you have, the higher the price you will receive for your home. A well-connected, versatile agent will recognize the value of technology and its applications to marketing.
  • Ask for an honest opinion of what your Realtor expects: A good Realtor is candid, and he or she will not balk at the idea of offering some practical advice. Your Realtor should have suggestions regarding staging, etc.
  • What is the typical time on the market before a sale? A good Realtor should have an average time on the market of 90 days or less. A Realtor should have this number on hand, as well as any other specific information you need to feel comfortable enough to make a decision. The more specific your questions, the more likely you will be able to gauge the sincerity and professionalism of your Realtor.

Tips for Choosing a Buying Agent

Home buyers will do well to consult a real estate expert when searching for the perfect place. Not only will your Realtor have access to great listings, but they will be able to help immensely when it comes to negotiation time. Here are a few tips for choosing a buying agent:

  • What brokerage are you connected with? A licensed Realtor is required to be connected with a brokerage. A Realtor can become a broker themselves, but they must have a certain degree of experience and education behind them before that can happen. You can learn a lot about a Realtor by asking about his or her brokerage.
  • Do you have any specific certifications? The more specialized your Realtor is, the more experience he or she has in a certain field. Accreditations and specifications include special counsels, green living, senior housing, and first-time home buyers.
  • How will you communicate if hired? It is important that your Realtor keeps open the lines of communication. Ask specific questions in your initial interview so that you can gauge his or her honesty and integrity. Make sure you understand how future communications from your Realtor in Pebblecreek will be received, and the best way to get in contact with your Realtor when you need him or her.
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