Housing Styles Most Comfortable for Retirees

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Here at Mary Couzens Realty, we have learned that people in different stages of life are looking for very different things when house hunting. Those who are in their retirement years have a very different set of house attributes they are looking for, and the following is a list of some of the house styles that will work best for house hunters in this unique demographic.

Single Level Homes Open Plans

Even the most active retirees will tell you that stairs can get a little overwhelming at times. People in retirement want to expend their energy in more fun and exciting ways than traversing the landscape of their own homes. Single level or ranch style homes are in high demand for these home buyers.  Great Room or Open Plans where you can enjoy conversation from the Kitchen to the Living Space is what “Baby Boomers” are looking for.

Homes with Lots of Storage

A full and long life will mean a lot of different items and treasures to store throughout the home. Retirees tend to like homes that have suitable storage. Think about all of the clothing, awards, books, and other belongings that can be collected through the years along with all the toys to now use in retirement.

Simple Yard Maintenance

House-hunting retirees carefully consider landscaping. Yard work isn’t as attractive as the many other fun activities that require your time and energy in an Active Adult Community.   Homes with easily maintained landscaping receive high marks from retirees. Many retirees also like to travel a lot, so being able to leave the yard for trips can be a good selling feature as well.

Updated Everything

The retirees that are looking for a new home do not usually want to spend their time and money on a home that requires updating. This is one reason updated homes are in high demand. Most retirees want to spend their time enjoying their homes –not fixing them!

Guest Facilities

Most people who are retiring are looking forward to spending more time their loved ones. Homes that will allow retirees to host friends and family are always appealing. Extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and large dining areas are typically popular amenities for house hunting seniors.

Our real estate agents live and work in PebbleCreek and they really enjoy helping buyers find their Pebble Creek Dream homes, where they can entertain, relax and enjoy their retirement years.

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