Features to Consider While Looking for Retirement Homes

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Senior coupleFrequently, with retirement comes the desire to relocate. Retirees have spent a considerable portion of their lives living in a location because it was close to work or in an area with good schools. Retirement makes living where you want to live a possibility. When you’re shopping for the ideal home to enjoy your retirement years, what features should you consider?


You can cross commute and school off your location consideration list, but you should add a few other considerations.

  • Access to travel. If you plan to travel, you will appreciate a home that makes getting to the airport easy.
  • Access to healthcare. You need to accept that your retirement years will bring with them a greater need for healthcare. Easy and quick access to hospitals and doctors will make your life much less complicated.
  • Access to interests. How do you want to spend your retirement years? What do you plan to do? Your retirement home should be in a place where you can do what you want.


Many retirees choose to live in homes that are part of retirement communities. These communities offer their residents the ability to live in a single family home without the added work of maintaining a yard. Communities like¬†Pebble Creek retirement homes¬†include other amenities like pools, golf courses, and other social clubs. If you are interested in a community like this, make sure to visit first. Find out the average age of residents, as that’s a good indication of the level and nature of the activity you will find in the community. Make sure the community offers the amenities that interest you. Read the community bylaws carefully for rules about visitors, RV parking, and other things that might affect what you can do as a resident.


Ultimately, everything about your retirement home is about your lifestyle. There are, however, a few specific questions you should ask yourself that will influence the type of home you choose.

  • Will you still work? Will you need a home office?
  • What accommodations does your home need to make for hobbies and interests you plan to pursue?
  • Do you plan to host visitors on a regular basis?

The character of your home will change depending upon how you answer those three questions, so consider them carefully.

Happy senior coupleAccessibility

Along with accepting the need for more frequent health care, it’s important to consider that accessibility may become an issue as you age. Look for homes that can easily adapt to your changing physical needs. Homes with good accessibility are on a single level. They have wide doorways and hallways and have at least one walk-in shower. They include at least one entry point with no stairs.


The rule of thumb here is to spend considerably less than you can afford. Use your resources for the things you want to do and not on a home. You will not want to be held back by the demands of an expensive, expansive home. Simplify and enjoy all that life during retirement has to offer.

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