Energy Saver Tips for Pebble Creek Homes

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Money saving tips written in a note.No one enjoys paying a high heating bill during the winter months, and everyone loves learning new ways to save money. Naturally, that means any tips or tricks that could conserve energy and lower your utility bill is welcome news.

Consider the Lighting

For a residential electric bill, lighting generally accounts for around 12 percent of the total cost. That’s a sizable amount, so knowing how to lower it is certainly useful. One of the easiest ways to do that is to rely on natural lighting as much as possible. During the day, that should be relatively easy to do. Let the natural light in and turn off your light switches. When you do need to use your electric lights, be sure that they’re LED bulbs. They last longer and need significantly less electricity. For outdoor lighting, a photocell or timer will help you control them. Outdoor lights should only operate when necessary. As a rule, always turn your lights off when you’re not using them. It’s easy to forget, but it does make a difference.

Seal and Insulate

Any heat that escapes your home is wasted. Be sure that you get any cracks around doors or windows sealed. Adding insulation is also very beneficial. Once you have your home heated, you want to keep it that way. Loss of heat will make your furnace work harder and the result is significantly reduced efficiency. Overall, you should be able to save around 10 percent on your total heating and cooling costs with a properly sealed and insulated home.

Tend to Appliances and Technology

????????????????????????????????????When you can, use your microwave for cooking instead of your stove. The microwave uses less electricity. Avoid peeking into your oven to check on food, and turn off the oven a few minutes before cooking is complete. The residual heat will still be there to finish the job. Opening the oven loses heat. You can preserve the efficiency of your refrigerator and freezer by removing ice once it builds up to around 1/4-inch thick. Set your refrigerator to the manufacturer-recommended temperature. That should avoid excess cooling, while keeping the food fresh.

There’s no need to keep your computer on all day, especially if you aren’t using it. The same goes for your printer or any other technology. Only have them turned on as needed, otherwise leave them off. Don’t keep your phone plugged in over night. Obviously, it can’t charge above 100 percent, so at some point, it just starts to waste electricity.

Control the Thermostat

It may seem counter intuitive, but turning your thermostat above or below the desired temperature doesn’t make it heat or cool any faster. Installing a programmable thermostat helps to regulate your indoor temperature more easily, since it has preset settings and times. Avoid putting any appliances or technology that gives off heat near your thermostat. That includes things like lamps or televisions.

Most of these tips may seem like common sense, but it’s easy to overlook them. There are many¬†Pebble Creek homes for sale, and these adjustments will help you reduce your bill and save energy at every location. If you have any questions or concerns, speak with the Mary Couzens Realty team. They’re happy to help.

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