Best Activities for Active Adults During the Spring in Arizona

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Golf CourseWhen the winter starts to fade and the warm weather moves in, there’s no reason to stay indoors. This is especially true for active adults in Arizona. There are so many different recreational activities available, it’s almost hard to choose. After weeks of hibernating indoors and indulging in hearty holiday meals, getting out and enjoying some exercise is the best way to begin your new year. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of outdoor sports or competitive games, there are over 100 clubs and organizations to keep your body, mind, and soul moving this spring. Get out and enjoy some quality time with your friends and neighbors! Here are some of the best activities available in the PebbleCreek Retirement Community.  


Of course, the number-one springtime experience has to be a day out on one of the many beautiful golf courses in PebbleCreek. That’s right, there’s more than one pristine course to choose from. Many active adults in this community will join together with friends and take weekend trips to visit other courses in the area. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the sunny weather and a friendly game with neighbors. Even if you’ve never played golf before, the PebbleCreek community is famous for having some of the best golf instructors in the world. Golfing is a terrific way to meet new friends and get connected with your community.

Tennis, Pickleball, or Bocce

Get those competitive juices flowing and ask your fellow neighbors to a game of tennis, pickleball, or bocce! Not only are these fun outdoor activities, but they’re all great forms of exercise. Sports like these are the perfect way to keep your heart and body healthy. There are a variety of courts available for any time of day. They even have courts lit up at night if you’d prefer to stay out of the sun. There’s really no excuse to stay inside when you have great games like this available to you at all times.

YogaYoga Classes

Yoga has become increasingly popular among the PebbleCreek active adult community. This is because yoga builds strength, flexibility, and balance at any age. Not only is yoga an excellent physical exercise, but it also promotes stress-relief, better sleep, and mindfulness. Yoga is one of the most inviting activities for those who wish to learn something new. Instructors are always happy to offer adjustments and alternative moves for those who may be suffering from physical pain or injuries.

Performing Arts

Regardless if you like to dance for an audience or just for the sake of dancing, there’s a class here for you! There’s a variety of different styles and levels for anyone who’s interested in moving to the music. Dancing is an amazing way to get healthy while meeting new friends and neighbors. There’s also a community theater for those thespians who wish to be back on the stage! The performing arts are a fantastic creative outlet for active adults in this community. If you’d like to learn more about these activities, contact the Mary Couzens Team to learn more about PebbleCreek today!

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