PebbleCreek: Rated one of Americas Best 100 Active Adult Communities

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The Baby Boomer Generation is quickly heading toward some much-deserved extended leisure time. Most are just stepping into retirement or winding down in their careers as retirement comes ever closer. After years of shouldering stress and responsibilities, it is time for a whole generation to reap the benefits of their labor and enjoy spending time doing the things they didn’t  have . . .
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5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Purchase a Home

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If you are mulling over the idea of purchasing a home, this article is here to tell you that this is a great idea! While purchasing a home is always a good investment if you have the financial security to do so, now is a particularly good time to invest. Interest rates are low, home prices . . .
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How to Choose a Realtor

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Finding a good Realtor is similar to finding any other professional in a particular field: it takes patience, research, and sometimes a little trial and error. The problem with the real estate market, however, is that you often do not have the time to switch Realtors, and in most instances, your contract with them prohibits it. . . .
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