A Few Things to Know before Putting Houses for Sale

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Planning on putting your home up for sale? There’s no question that selling your home is a long, involved process, but with a few smart moves you can make sure it sells as quickly as possible. If you’re struggling to make your PebbleCreek real estate stand out from the crowd, here are some tips to help get you started.

Curb Appeal Matters

The first thing most people emphasize when selling PebbleCreek retirement homes is the curb appeal of their homes. If your home looks attractive and well-groomed on the outside, prospective buyers will be more likely to stop and have a look around. Tidy up your yard and garden and make sure your grass is neatly trimmed. You may even want to consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint or planting a few new flowers to brighten the place up. Just be careful not to go overboard–usually simple is best!

Find Your Home’s Selling Points

If you’re competing against other PebbleCreek houses for sale, a good way to make yours stand out is by finding things about it that will appeal to buyers, which other homes in your area may not have. Do you have a great view or an especially convenient location? Did you recently upgrade your kitchen to all-new appliances? Make sure to point out the money that can be saved by buying resale homes in PebbleCreek instead of a brand new home. Look for the best features of your house and be sure to emphasize them to potential buyers.

Clutter Can Kill a Sale

Before showing your house to anyone, make sure the inside of your home is as clean and tidy as the outside. When touring homes for sale in PebbleCreek, buyers are instinctively drawn to clean, spacious homes over ones that are dirty and piled with someone else’s belongings. Now is the time to throw out or donate all those things you don’t actually use and give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. If you still have too much clutter, rent a personal storage unit for a few months until you can move into your new location.

Neutral is Best

Although you may love bright colors and wild decorating schemes, they can be off-putting to potential buyers. People are more likely to want to buy a home that they can see themselves living in, which won’t happen if your loud wallpaper or unusual artwork is taking too much of the attention. De-personalize your home as much as possible, even if it means repainting some of the rooms and putting some of your family photos and other knick-knacks into storage for the time being.

Preparation Can Save You Money

When getting ready to sell your house, a little research and preparation can save you quite a bit of money. Find all the warranties and manuals for your home and its appliances so buyers know exactly what they’re getting. If there are areas of your home that may need repairs in the next few years, such as your roof, get estimates from a contractor so you know how much they’ll cost. This will help as you negotiate a price with the buyer.

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