5 Fun Hobbies for Arizona Seniors

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Retirement comes with the gift of time, as you are freed from the responsibilities of your job and many of the commitments of your younger years. This sounds like a dream come true for those who are still working, but it can actually be a difficult transition for many newly retired seniors. These seniors often feel a void in their schedule that needs to be filled with new interests and activities. Here are 5 fun senior hobbies to consider as you look ahead to your retirement.  

Retired Woman Painting


When it comes to trying new things, you can’t go wrong with art. Many seniors enjoy experimenting with painting, sculpting, photography, and other forms of creative expression. PebbleCreek offers many classes, visit a museum, or grab a pencil, a notebook and a bench in a park!

Nature Exploration

Few things are as healthy and refreshing as spending time in the great outdoors. Getting out for a picnic, a birdwatching session, or a walk in a cactus garden will give you opportunities to exercise, learn about the plants, animals, and geological features that have always interested you, and see the world from a new perspective. Whether you sign up for a group or go on adventures with your family, nature can be an important part of your senior years.  PebbleCreek Hiking Club offers several levels of hiking for all ability levels!


Any new hobby you find can be made even more fulfilling when you share it with others. In PebbleCreek you will find a club available for almost any interest, whether it’s a sport, fitness, creative or performing arts or life-long learning.  PebbleCreek social clubs like the Goodtime Gals, Bridge and service clubs like the TTT are all great ways to socialize in retirement.


Regardless of your level of training and natural musical ability, there are many ways to enjoy the songs, genres, and instruments you love. You can become a patron by attending concerts, theatrical performances.  There are also opportunities to perform in PebbleCreek theater productions or concerts. If there is an instrument you have always wanted to learn, you now have time to try it!

Grandmother Volunteering

Volunteer Work

When your schedule is full of work, family activities, and other responsibilities, volunteering often takes a back seat. Many PebbleCreek residents take advantage of their new gift of time to give back to the community in ways that weren’t realistic for them before. If there is a cause or organization that you have always wanted to support, now is your chance.  You’ll find PebbleCreek residents actively involved in programs like the Homeless Youth Connection, the Kare Bears, New Life Center for victims of Domestic Violence and Shop with a Cop just to name a few.  Giving back activities abound here in PebbleCreek!

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