2 Benefits to Buying a Resale Home

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PebbleCreek Active Adult Golf Resort in Goodyear, AZ has an abundance of new and resale homes to choose from.  While Mary Couzens Realty assist buyers with both new and resale homes, here are the two biggest reasons why a resale home can be a better choice.

1.  “What you see is what you get” without worrying about costly upgrades and extras, a resale already has the finishing touches and is ready to move-in.  Cosmetic changes like paint or carpet in a resale are easy and inexpensive by comparison to the add-ons when you build a new home.

A resale home is going to cost less than a similar brand new home. While new homes allow you to choose the home’s interior finishes like flooring, fixtures and cabinets, a buyer generally needs to add a minimum of 20% over the base price of a new home for upgrades and extras.  Then after purchase, there are the additional costs of window treatments, water filtering systems and landscaping. In a resale home, all of those additions have been done for you and are incorporated into the asking price.

2.  “Location, location, location”!  With a resale home, the neighbors are in place and the landscaping is done, so you have the benefit of seeing what the location of your home and views looks like.  With new construction, you may or may not have the benefit of seeing the homes next door or behind and how your view might be affected by their size or lot position.

As PebbleCreeks resident realtors, Mary Couzens Realty Team can assist you in finding your dream home in PebbleCreek.

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