10 Things Your Realtor Will Never Tell You

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Couple selling houseWhen you begin the search for a new home, it can be stressful. There are many different things that you look for during your process. It is customary to want to find your perfect home, while that isn’t always possible to do. If you want to find the best home for you in the most efficient way possible, you’ll probably be hiring a realtor. Realtors can team up with you in order to find your perfect home, or you will simply be in touch with them while looking at different homes. When it comes to realtors in Pebblecreek, you might not always know what to expect. There are several things that they won’t always want to tell you.

  • “I don’t actually work for you.” While you might think that your realtor agent you are speaking to is representing you, they aren’t. They work for the company which they work for, and the seller of the house. You might be considering the fact that the realtor has your best interests at heart. This may be true for some of the realtor agents out there, but certainly not all of them. Realtors care the most about their seller. They keep their best interest in mind, and try to get exactly what they want.
  • “This open house isn’t for you.” When you attend an open house, you might be thinking that the purpose of the event is to find potential buyers, and help show them the house. This isn’t always the case. Most people who attend an open house are not seriously looking into buying the home, though they will sign in and write their information down on a piece of paper upon entry. This is extremely beneficial for the realtor. They can contact these buyers later down the line and make sales on other homes.
  • “My commission changes depending on your price.” A realtor can negotiate their commission. A 6 percent commission isn’t necessarily standard. Depending on the initial asking price of the home, sellers are able to allow the realtor to gain more commission than they originally planned.
  • “My big realtor agency isn’t better than any of the other ones.” Just because the specific realtor in question works for a large agency doesn’t actually mean that they are any more competent than the other companies in your area. Small companies can actually provide the same quality work that a large company can.
  • House sold“You’re probably not going to agree with the zoning board.” After you buy a home, zoning plans await you. If you have any plans for making changes to the home, make sure that they will be approved.
  • “You really don’t need to go through me.” People often think the only way to sell a home is by going through the realtor. You can bring your own buyers to the table if you know anyone who is interested in your home. Sometimes hiring a realtor can just make you lose money.
  • “My inspector won’t find everything.” The inspector your realtor hires wants to help them sell the home. They aren’t going to write down every problem that they find.
  • “You can sell this by yourself.” If you’ve ever seen a “for sale by owner” sign, it means exactly what it says.
  • “I need you more than you need me.” Realtors truly want your listing more than you want to hire them. They make their money from selling your home.
  • “You’ll harm yourself in the long run by signing this contract.” Make sure that you hire a lawyer to review any contracts that you plan to sign. Having a lawyer look it over will prevent any mistakes being made.

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